Catherine Maiorisi

Looks like everyone is getting stuff done.

I have a couple of #NPVs this week. 

The first was finally working with a photographer to get a real author’s photo. I hate having my picture taken and I especially hate smiling for the camera. So big deal. 

The second was starting work on revising Ready for Love, my romance scheduled to come out in December, to incorporate sensitivity edits. Yikes. It’s scary but getting started is the hardest.

The third was writing a chapter in my third Chiara Corelli mystery series.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Catherine Maiorisi

The Blood Runs Cold 
A Matter of Blood - Lambda Literary Award Finalist
Readers rave: Complex characters, well-written, intelligent, page turner, clever plotting, multi-layered, intense, instantly hooks you, couldn’t put down

Bess Carnan

Way to go! I hope you're going into this weekend extremely satisfied with yourself.

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