Making Conferences and Review Sites Inclusive

Neil Plakcy

Greg's message was excellent and useful for all of us for the future.

I love to travel, but my husband doesn't. So I go to conferences and conventions because I know there will friends old and new and like-minded people to hang out with. I know that there are many folks, though, who can't afford the time or the money.

I have a different take on making diverse authors and books more available, and it involves book bloggers. I know both Dru Ann Love and  Kristopher Zgorski from conferences, and both have been very supportive of my work. But many bloggers won't accept self-published books for review, even if they come from a well-regarded or award-winning author.

Also, many of us in the self-pub world have grown accustomed to quick release. As soon as my book is back from the editor (then revised) the formatter and the cover designer, I put it up for sale. Thus I don't have the long release times some bloggers like. 

I'd love it if some organization were to reach out to these bloggers. Maybe once every three or six months a wrap up of new under-represented books and authors? Dru Ann does this regularly with new releases, but often I forget to submit in time (my bad,I know.) 

If there was a schedule that was publicized, we all could make plans to meet it. And I'm not just talking about Dru Ann and Kristopher, who already reach out. But there must be other reviewers I'm not reading. If we had a list of reviewers who were open to LGBT books and writers of color, that would be awesome.

Neil Plakcy
whose new book THE MADNESS OF HUSBANDS came out without a whimper of publicity