Los Angeles Times Book Award for Mysteries


Hi Michael!  I have a book coming out in July.  What is your email or how can we get materials to you?
Thanks so much for posting this!

Stefani Deoul

Hi Michael,
Thank you so much for your generous call for submissions here. My newest Sid Rubin Silicon Alley Adventure, SAY HER NAME, will be published by Bywater Books this December. In all fairness, it is probably better suited to Young Adult or Multicultural Fiction than straight up mystery ....

I have solicited both the NY Journal of Books and LA Review with the second book of the series, ZERO SUM GAME - when it was published December, 2018.  We all know review space is limited, so unfortunately it was not covered there. Which translated means, I WOULD LOVE TO BE ON YOUR RVIEW LIST FOR THEM BOTH :)

Please advise if you need anything more/less than what's here and I shall add on accordingly.

And Meredith - congrats on your upcoming release!

Thank you again,

Stefani Deoul | 


Hi Michael,
How exciting!

The second in my series about an FBI neuroscientist will be out July 16th. Even though it's more of a suspense thriller than straight up mystery (heh), it does feature a (Happily Ever After) queer relationship.


Publisher: Minotaur