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Welcome to the group! I'm so excited that there has been so much enthusiasm for this today. It started out as a random impulse--I was wondering if there was already a group of queer crime writers, I googled, and I was stunned to see that the fifth search result was actually a piece on the topic that I MYSELF had written for Criminal Element in 2017. (It seems like there should be at least a few degrees of separation between googler and googlee on such a broad topic, no?) So anyway, I knew we could do better than that, so the Twitter account was born. But even beyond just promoting each other's good news, we can also help each other through this wild world of publishing and queerness, so here we are. I am so very happy to see you.


My name is Jessica Raney. Like Beyonce, I am from Houston, Tx. 
I have three books. Two are short story collections-- Oddballs is my first, Dreadful Pennies is my second. My first novel, Tooth and Nail was released in September.
I'm happy to be here and hope to meet you all soon.