February Writing Goals Check-In

Bess Carnan

Even though only Neil put a monthly goal this month (Hi Neil!) I'm sure we all had them.
How did we do?

I...have not written as much as I wanted. But I'm still working on trying to be a plotter instead of a pantser and that's going okay!


writer of unconventional mysteries

Neil Plakcy

I've had my monthly goals thrown into complete disarray by following that new shiny thing.

Supposed to be working on two books for editors, but instead I decided to try my hand at a bit of non-fiction.

I'm doing two free workshops in the next two weeks, and I decided that instead of printing out handouts (at my expense) I would toss my Power Point presentation into an ebook and then offer it for sale after my talk.

But of course a book has a lot more in it than a presentation, so I've been throwing all my writing hours at it, trying to get it good enough to justify charging $3.99 for it from listeners.

In my own defense, I'll say that I've been wanting to write about structure in genre fiction for a while, and this has given me the impetus.

But the next few days will tell!

Neil Plakcy