Hi all,
Are any of you doing Nanowrimo in November?  I have somehow been selected to lead 25 undergrads through the process 😱. So, this means I’m in this year!  I’m under MeredithWrites1 in the nano site if you want to talk nano and projects. 
I am really sorry that I will miss so many of you at Bouchercon😭.  Have a great time, and I hope to be there next year!

"Mia P. Manansala"

I'm using Nano to (hopefully) finish an R&R for an editor. You can add me at MPMtheWriter if you'd like ^^
Mia P. Manansala
Secretary, Mystery Writers of America Midwest 
FaceBook|Twitter| Instagram @MPMtheWriter

Hawthorn Mineart

I'm doing this year to (hopefully) complete a partly done project. I'm Hawthorn_M on the site. I'm hanging in a local cafe right now trying to get inspired.