Kaye Publicity's Equity in Publishing Program

"Mia P. Manansala"

Hi everyone,

I'm not super active here, but I wanted to make sure you all know about a great opportunity if you're looking to hire a publicist but have limited funds.

Dana Kaye, a queer woman and the founder of Kaye Publicity, mentioned on her Instagram and one of her newsletters that she realizes that the underrepresented voices in fiction, the ones that need the most help with PR and marketing, are also the ones less likely to have the funds to get the push they need. So she's starting a new Equity in Publishing Program. I emailed her about it and this is what she said:

Hi Mia,
Thanks so much for reaching out! We don't have a formal application procedure. Basically, if we feel that if we love the book and want to work with the author, we don't want budget to be a constraint. It's clear that BIPOC, LGBTQIA folks, and authors with disabilities receive disproportionately lower advances than their white/cis/non-disabled counterparts, which means they don't always have the budget to hire PR folks, which can result in fewer books sold, with perpetuates the idea that these books don't sell and don't warrant large advances. That's what we hope to change.
I would love the opportunity to chat with you about the possibility of working together, so when you're ready, let's schedule a call. And you can definitely let the CWOC community know that if they are interested in working with us, not to let budget be a deterrent. If we feel that the author and book are a good fit for us, we'll make it work.
Talk soon!

They're local to me and were willing to work with what little budget I had, so I signed with them earlier this week. If you're looking to hire a publicist, but are worried about the money, definitely reach out to them and use "Equity in Publishing Program" in the subject line. Feel free to use my name. I know Kristen Lepionka also worked with them on her first couple of books.

Here's the link again, if you want to check out their site: Kaye Publicity
Mia P. Manansala, Author & Book Coach (she/her)
Arsenic and Adobo (Berkley/Penguin Random House May 4, 2021)

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