Re: Writing Goals for 2020 #Goals

Neil Plakcy

Info on the Professional Education for Authors of Gay and MM Romance Event (PAGE) can be found here:

It is organized by Lucy Lennox, a highly-regarded and best-selling author in the genre, specifically to provide information and education to authors. 

I'm very excited to attend because I realized, after maybe a dozen romances, that I've been using the same structure for a romance that I did for a mystery.  Only after reading Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes did I realize there are other "beats" I should be hitting, like Inkling of Doubt, Deepening the Romance, etc.

I think this is why my romances in the past have been considered very "light" -- because I'm not hitting some of these beats that readers intuitively want. So I'm out to educate myself however I can.

The speakers include many authors I have read, though there's no actual programming listed yet-- this is the first time this event is running.


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