Re: What are your December Monthly Goals? #Goals

Dharma Kelleher

I almost finished the rough draft of my WIP last month, so I want to finish that. 

I am launching my fifth novel next Tuesday, so I’m jazzed about that. 

I am also going through Mark Dawson’s massive, in-depth Ads for Authors course. So I’m hoping to finish it by monthend, but there is SO MUCH curriculum it may well take me into January. 

I don’t normally crow about a resource unless it blows my doors off. But this was the case with Mark’s course. So I wanted to share. 

This isn’t some Author 101, one-hour webinar. And it’s not cheap. I opted for the payment plan. 

This is an 301-level  deep dive for authors with 3+ books published. The videos alone must be more than 20 hours. 

So far I’ve only run some FB lead generation ads to build up my newsletter subscriptions. In just a few days, I’ve added 100+ subscribers to my mailing list. I’m about to start ads to generate direct sales, but I feel confident about it. 

The course also includes modules on AMS ads and Bookbub ads. 

Sorry to carry on. 

Peace out,
Dharma Kelleher

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Ah, December. A complicated month.
What are your writing goals for it?


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