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Neil Plakcy

I had never heard of Ruth Doodly before this brouhaha, and so I read a bit about her that someone had posted, and it appears that she was approaching these subjects from the point of view of satire. Similarly, I have only seen Max Allan Collins once or twice, but I believe that his comment came out of a poorly-tuned sense of humor.

When I saw that SJ Rozan was on the panel with Doodly, I was surprised that she didn't speak up. Suppose someone had repeated to her the old joke. "Say, do you get the names of your Chinese characters by throwing silverware up in the air, and then using the noise it makes coming down?" Surely she would have recognized that such a joke was in poor taste, as were the satirical comments that Doodly made about woke young people and bearded men in dresses.

Too often, our community can be the butt of jokes, and it's important to us to speak up and say, "Hey, you might think that's funny, but it's hurtful." 

If SinC or anyone else decides to present a program on such a topic, I think it needs to include misguided attempts at humor. Part of being human is recognizing the feelings of others, and that when we make what we think is a joke, we need to accept that others won't see it that way. 

My neighborhood dog walker, an elderly man, has a T-shirt I love. It shows a man walking a dog and carrying what is obviously a bag of the dog's poop. The logo reads "My Indian name is Walks With Poop." I think that's pretty funny, but I wouldn't use it in a book, or repeat it in a large audience, because it is implicitly derogatory to Native American people. It's learning that difference that matters.

Neil Plakcy

On Sat, Nov 16, 2019 at 11:25 AM Hawthorn Mineart <hawthorn.mineart@...> wrote:

Lori Rader-Day might be interested in that as a way to take on some of these issues, and I think it's a constructive idea. I've been having a conversation with her about Magna Cum Murder and she asked me what I thought about steps Sisters in Crime could take in addressing what I saw happen there. I didn't have good answers for her about what I'd like to see, partly because I was still in the moment of being upset about it.

I think your suggestion is a great one. I'll be seeing her in a week or two when she is speaking to our local chapter and I'll mention it, but I would say you could reach out to her, too. More than one source with ideas could be helpful to her.

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