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John Copenhaver

I’m really heartened that we are pushing back and calling folks out in our community who have said things and done things that have a hurtful impact. Some of these individual are coming from a place of fear, some from blindness. I am wondering when—and how—at conferences and events we can make space for conversation. Calling out is step 1 of the process, but if that’s all that’s happening, I’m worried we’ll never really help folks grow. They’ll just watch their tongues and harbor resentment. Essentially they’ll go underground … and that’s not good.

Any thoughts about that? Would SinC or some other org. sponsor an forum to discuss these topics in our community at Bcon or some other conference? I’m happy to reach out to Lori Rader-Day and ask.


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Hi, all--

I finished another short story and submitted it to some literary journals and I also finished another chapter of my thriller novel. I felt like I really made some good writing progress this week.

Hope you all are well.


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Yeah, a lot of craziness happening at cons. But a lot of good people speaking out and some organizers stepping up and holding offenders accountable. 

Personally, I’m on track to finish the rough draft of my WIP by EOM, cranking out 2.5K a day. 

Peace out,
Dharma Kelleher

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There's been a lot going on in the crime writing community this week. Did anyone manage to be productive in spite of it?

(I did, a little! I'm inching ever-forward on my current project.)


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