Re: What a week! Who's got an NPV? #NPV

Neil Plakcy

I've been invited recently to give workshops at two local libraries on crime fiction. One may pay, if they get a grant, and the other seems willing to pay a few bucks.

My opinion about all the fuss lately is that many of the older, cisgender, traditionally published authors simply aren't clued in to some of the issues that matter to us, like pronouns, proper language, even bathroom use. So it's important for us to get out there and speak at cons and events and make sure that our voices get heard, and our issues come to the table.

Neil Plakcy

On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 11:32 AM Bess Carnan <BCarnan@...> wrote:
There's been a lot going on in the crime writing community this week. Did anyone manage to be productive in spite of it?

(I did, a little! I'm inching ever-forward on my current project.)


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