Re: 2019 Harassment Response

Hawthorn Mineart

Wow. That's disappointing to hear.

I hadn't had a chance to mention it, but there was a somewhat similar experience at Magna Cum Murder here in Indianapolis at the end of October. The 'International Guest of Honor' Ruth Dudley Edwards was in a presentation of satire in crime writing, and made several statements that were about 'how difficult it is to write satire because the world has become so absurd that one can't satirize it. Among the things she categorized as absurd: college campuses being a central point for 'snowflakes' oppressing free speech, 'men with beards invading women's restrooms,' endangering women, and the new trend of 'trans-racialism' where people are insisting they be identified as a different race than they were born into. She specifically mentioned Rachel Dolenzal as an example of the new trend.

I stood up and walked out, and complained to the organizers. I haven't received any response from them.

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