Re: October Goals Check-In #Goals

Neil Plakcy

It's not exactly autumn here in South Florida-- perhaps the temperatures no longer reach into the 90s, and the days do seem a bit shorter. But no colorful trees or chill in the air, and if you carve a pumpkin and put it outside it will dissolve into mush quickly. (Been there, done that.)

I had published a story with MLR as part of their Christmas reindeer shifter cycle of stories, and when I got the rights back to it I thought I'd simply pop it up as a Christmas freebie. But reading through it again, I think it has much more potential, so instead of moving on to what I had planned to, I'm revising it in a hurry to get it ready for Christmas. I'm not sure if it will be a freebie or if I will charge a low price for it. I'll see how good it turns out.

So much for setting goals. At least I'm writing.

Neil Plakcy

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