Re: Non-Publishing Victory Day! #NPV

John Copenhaver

All this fall, I’ve been in the midst of rewriting my new novel, converting it from the third to the first person. It’s a slow process (especially because I’m a full-time teacher), but I’ve been discovering new things along the way. It feels like an excavation. This week, I finally started to see some flecks of gold

I also answered some questions for a CrimeReads roundtable conversation with other the Anthony noms.


On Oct 18, 2019, at 1:17 PM, Neil Plakcy <plax1612@...> wrote:

I got paid this week for a story that appeared a while ago in the Bronzeville Bee, an online magazine. And I was asked to contribute a story to an anthology based on the songs of Jimmy Buffett. 

Plus I got some nice emails from readers who had been waiting for the next Mahu book. Certainly enough positivity to sustain me through the slog of writing!


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