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Catherine Maiorisi

One of my goals was to get my new romance and the third NYPD Detective Chiara Corelli mystery moving. I’d hope to have the mystery ready for Jan 1 so it could be published early in 2020. I was struggling with the plots of both books so I took some time to really think it through. I realized October would probably not be that productive because I’ll be caring for my wife after her knee replacement surgery. I also realized I don’t usually write to a deadline and putting pressure on myself was making it hard to let the ideas flow.

So since I was almost 50,000 words into the romance, I decided to focus on getting that done for Jan1 and give myself more time on the mystery. Once I made that decision, my brain unlocked and I’m going full steam ahead on the romance and the ideas are flowing on the mystery.

I think I did okay on my goals.


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I seem to have found a rhythm for writing a few pages each day. That’s big for me especially after an extremely crazy debut year that knocked me off center. Perseverance is key to regrouping. 

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Way to go, Neil! :-)

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I had big goals this month-- get a golden retriever mystery out and publicized, and prepare for the launch of the new Mahu book tomorrow. 

Did all that. Whew! Plus got to work on revisions for a Victorian-era MM romantic suspense, which I've been doing for a few weeks.


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It's the last Monday of the month. Did you achieve everything you wanted to this month?

The last Monday is also a good time to start thinking about your October goals, since I'll be asking for those next week!

I finished Draft 0 of my manuscript, so September was *hugely* successful! It's short, messy, and not-great writing, but it's a perfect place to build up from. :)


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