Re: Question regarding covers and characters

Dharma Kelleher

Thanks for everyone’s input. :-)

Peace out,
Dharma Kelleher

Gritty Crime Fiction with a Feminist Kick

On Sep 17, 2019, at 5:51 PM, Loretta <lorettamuses@...> wrote:

HI Dharma - in addition to the comments already made here, which relate to people who've already invested in the book and might be turned off by the discrepency - you might want to think about people who will pass on the book and never open it because the cover doesn't match what they're looking for. If I'm a butch short-haired lesbian looking for a book I can see myself in...I'll likely move on by if i'm scanning through kobo or kindle web pages (the cover image isn't a HUGE element in my book selecting...but it is part of it, and the fact that the image is small makes it even more important, to a certain extent.) 

Just my two cents, never having attempted to put a cover to a book! (and to be honest, for own novel, I'd prefer a landscape picture to a character picture - it's a very "place-specific" book, set in the Canadian sub-arctic.) 

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