Re: Question regarding covers and characters


My designer and those from my previous publisher didn't like to have a character face or recognizable characteristic on covers because of this type of issue for a reader. My mystery series uses a silhouette of a man (could be Derek or could be the killer) as a unifying theme for the covers. I guess the convention of showing a character with a photograph depends on the genre.

If you feel you will be explaining the cover at every book signing or speaking engagement, I would suggest asking for it to be changed. The cover should not be a distraction to the story.

Greg Lilly
Author of:

- Stray 

- The Wolf Crystal 

- Sunset & Semicolons – a Frank & Revealing Field Guide to the Writing Life

- Scalping the Red Rocks – A Derek Mason Mystery

- Under a Copper Moon
Devil's Bridge
- Fingering the Family Jewels– A Derek Mason Mystery


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