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Tim Jungr

It irks me if the cover art doesn't match the description. In fact, that just happened to me this afternoon in the book I am currently reading. The first physical description of the hero mentioned his "sandy brown hair," but the guy on the cover had very dark hair. To be fair, I was only annoyed for about four seconds, then I got over it.

Mismatches are pretty common. I remember lots of traditional romances where the hero was described as having hair on his chest, but absolutely no cover models back then had hair.

Also, I am more likely to notice with an actual, paper book than with an e-book. Once I open an e-book I never look at the cover again, whereas I see the cover of a print book every time I pick it up. (And my kindle is black-and-white, so color differences wouldn't be as obvious.)


On Friday, September 13, 2019, 03:38:22 PM EDT, Dharma Kelleher <dharma.kelleher@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I need your thoughts. 

I have a cover designer working on a redesign for one of my books. My designer has come up with a beautiful cover, but the woman in the photo has longer hair than the main character. In the story, she is a butch lesbian motorcycle builder who has short spiky hair. Needless to say, representation of butch women in stock photo galleries is rather lacking. 

I really like the cover my designer has create, even with the longer hair. Do you think readers will have a problem with the fact that the woman on the cover doesn’t match the description in the book? 

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Peace out,
Dharma Kelleher
Gritty Crime Fiction with a Feminist Kick

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