Re: Non-Publishing Victories Day! #NPV

Neil Plakcy

Good luck with your new project, Bess! I've had a very productive week. Finished the second draft of my newest Mahu book, Deadly Labors, and sent it off to my editor. Then turned to editorial comments on my next golden retriever mystery. This editor, who is wonderful, pointed out that the dead body doesn't appear until page 69, and she thought that was too long to wait. So I've torn up the time line in order to move that up, and now have all kinds of files of scenes that will need to come back in eventually.

And I got a lovely response to a query from an agent, who though she declined to take on the book, said very complimentary things about my writing and called herself "a devoted fan." That left me glowing!

Neil Plakcy

On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 12:37 PM Bess Carnan <BCarnan@...> wrote:
It's been a long week (or is that just me?) but I managed to start my newest manuscript. Does anyone else find that terrifying? I can't even entirely explain why, just that it is. Anyway, how's everyone else doing on this crazy career path we've chosen? :)


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