Re: Non-Publishing Victories Day! #NPV

Dharma Kelleher

Best of luck with the new project, Bess. I often find a new project exciting. At least for the first fifty pages. Then I hit the big swampy middle. LOL. 

I finished the major developmental revisions for my WIP (addressing major plot holes, etc.) and am cruising along with the next round, which involves a lot of trimming. I’m at about 93K right now and am hoping to bring it down somewhere in the 85K range. I feel good about the story and can’t wait to release it in December. 

Peace out,
Dharma Kelleher
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On Jul 5, 2019, at 9:37 AM, Bess Carnan <BCarnan@...> wrote:

It's been a long week (or is that just me?) but I managed to start my newest manuscript. Does anyone else find that terrifying? I can't even entirely explain why, just that it is. Anyway, how's everyone else doing on this crazy career path we've chosen? :)


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