Re: #WIPWeds Let's talk WIPs #WIPWeds

Catherine Maiorisi

I have the same problem, Jeff. And now my publisher is planning 2020 and has asked when the two I’m working on will be ready. Yikes. 
So I took a deep breath and am trying to focus and make notes so I’m not flying blind as usual.
Catherine Maiorisi

On Jun 19, 2019, at 1:00 PM, Jeffrey Marks <jeffrmarks@...> wrote:

I think I've come to a conclusion. I'm trying to deal with too many WIPs at once. I'm going to try for the next week to focus and finish one, then move on to the next and see if the extra focus will allow me to finish things a bit faster than I have been doing. 


Jeffrey Marks
Mystery biographer, nominated for the Edgar award, the Agatha, the Macavity, and winner of the Anthony award. 
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