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Hi, all--

I just finished the last manuscript proof for my new short story collection titled Snapshots. It will be released in July 2020. Really excited to share the stories with you!


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I am zooming forward with my next Hawaiian mystery, up to 138 pages. I'm pleased that my quasi-outlining is helping me move through quickly. I am using a lot that I have learned from this website:

I am also listening to the Story Grid Editor's Roundtable podcast. They are just beginning to analyze Brokeback Mountain, scene by scene and beat by beat. Also Jeff and Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast, trying to keep up with what's going on in gay fiction these days.

Neil Plakcy

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Hey everyone! What's your current project look like? Got a cool twist? Researching something interesting? Really excited about your new protagonist and can't wait to share? Well wait no more! The time to share your pride and joy has arrived.


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